Four Interesting Restaurants That You Should Visit In Laurinburg NC

As you travel around Laurinburg NC, you are certainly going to know where to stop for some delicious food. There are 45 restaurants in the city, and this article is going to feature five of them. Hopefully you spot one that sounds like a plan for your next meal. No doubt, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to visit any of these top establishments in Laurinburg NC.

Miyako Japanese Cuisine is located at 1225 South Main Street. This is the place to get chicken katsu, sushi, fried rice and much more. The service at this restaurant is said to be lightning fast. You get great food, great service, and reviews say that Miyako Japanese Cuisine has a nice ambiance.

General McArthur’s is located at 13661 Barnes Bridge Road. You aren’t going to believe what’s in store for you at this place. General McArthur’s features a southern country cooking buffet. The pictures of the buffet look great, and you are talking about cobbler, fried fish, barbecue pork, banana pudding and more. Reviews say that the buffet also has fried chicken and fat back.

The next place is Captain Larry’s, and it is located at 1695 South Main Street. It is a wonderful place to eat fried flounder, prime rib, baked sweet potatoes and more. Captain Larry’s is also said to have the best sweet tea, and you can expect a really nice atmosphere, too.

When you want a good breakfast in Laurinburg, you want to stop by The Main Table, which is located at 1229 South Main Street. Not only can you get a good breakfast, but you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. Plus, the menu highlights mention fried chicken and other lunch foods, too.

Let’s look at one more restaurant, Jerry’s Deli and Grill. Jerry’s Deli and Grill is located at 11990 Hasty Road. Are you ready to enjoy some burgers, catfish, homemade chicken salad and more?

Wow, these restaurants in Laurinburg really know what great food is all about. I’m a former Kentucky boy, so I’m all about southern comfort foods. That country buffet is the one that really got my attention. They all sound great though if you ask me, but I would certainly stop by General McArthur’s first. The Main Table would probably be my second choice because it has breakfast and southern home cooking, too. Would either one of those two places be your first choice?